Hello Lovely Mamma Folks. I’m super excited to offer you a special offer on my ‘Activate Your Voice’ 7-day inner child and voice healing program… (self study online). It is open for pre-orders (with a HUGE amazing discount that anyone can afford…) It’s a 7-day self-study inner child & vocal healing journey to unlock & unleash the voice you’ve been hiding… It’s the key to finally doing the powerful inner work required to express the truth of who you are, share your gifts with the world, embody your empowered voice & be who you are meant to be... I am so excited to open the PRE-ORDER DOORS as an opportunity for you to get it for a SUPER LOW PRICE ($32 / £26 - before it goes up at the end of the week!) The things that I’ve put in this program are the most powerful elements of my work over the last 10 years as a therapist & vocal coach working with clients battling with voice blocks, self-expression issues & confidence problems. The tools that I've taught & given to those clients have been adapted for the 'Activate Your Voice' self-study journey - it guides you on a transformational journey of healing so you can:  Start clearing the emotional, subconscious & physical blocks around your voice so you can use it more freely & powerfully  Transform the parts of you that stop you from expressing the fullness of who you are & being your true self.  Connect with your physical & creative voice in a way that feels authentic, powerful & true so you can honour who you are meant to be! With AYV you're getting my unique 3-part pathway of healing to unlock & unleash your physical & emotional voice: (1) Inner Child Healing (2) Subconscious Reprogramming (3) Somatic Vocal Coding These 3 elements combined are the most powerful tools I've come across in my 10 years experience working with hundreds of clients from all over the world. AYV is different to other programs out there as it combines the 3 essential elements required for healing; inner child healing, subconscious reprogramming of those deep beliefs that old you back AND intuitive beautiful voice practices that actually work! If you pre-order NOW you get a huge 33% discount. [So it's ONLY $32 / £26 INSTEAD of $57 / £46] So if you're ready to Activate Your Voice, to unlock & unleash more of your true self & heal the parts that hold you back just pop to this link: www.garyalbertmusic.com/shop/activate [Use the code: ACTIVATE33] 

Posted by Gary Albert at 2022-12-06 12:58:30 UTC