Join us tomorrow for Jenna Nye's Havening Techniques® Intro & Demo Tomorrow - 13th of December at 8:00 PM UK time The Havening Techniques® is a psychosensory method, which can be applied to transform negative beliefs into helpful ones and to clear negative memories, thoughts, emotions and behaviour. A snapshot of what Havening can help with: Down-regulation of emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma, phobias and fears. Wellness, stress management, and peak performance. As a self-help tool to heal the emotional and psychological residue left by traumatic experiences such as anger, shame, guilt. Cultivate self acceptance, enoughness, deserving and worthiness. Havening can help change the brain to de-traumatise a memory and remove its negative consequences. This is particularly useful when stressful life events or traumatic experiences slow or stop personal growth or cause symptoms associated with anxiety and overwhelm. More information at

Posted by Mamma Wellbeing at 2022-12-12 11:12:53 UTC