We have a few tickets left for our Intro to Tantra workshop tomorrow @The Croft Farm Escape. If you have been curious about tantra and want to try something new. This is the perfect beginners guide. Intro to Tantra is an incredible experience for individuals and couples. An exploration into the self, allowing you to connect to your own energy. Based on the premise that we must gain awareness of our true selves before we can be in union with others. Tantra means too ‘weave or expand’, to create a combination of different practices to enhance one's self. The workshop will have a light taster of different tantric practices that will enable you to connect with yourself through tantric yoga, some dynamic games and finishing off with an eye gazing meditation. This workshop is great for anyone who is curious about tantra and wants to explore in a safe fully-clothed environment. 😍❤️ Booking via website -https://www.thecroftfarmescape.com/event-details/intro-to-tantra

Posted by iola kreizman at 2023-01-07 12:04:29 UTC