Hey beautiful people, short notice but my Sister and I are running a Writers Weekend this weekend. We have TWO SPACES LEFT if this is calling you? 🌟THE PERFECT GETAWAY FOR WRITERS WHO WANT TO BIRTH THEIR BOOKS🌟 Writers' Weekend is here and I have a SPECIAL OFFER! Are you struggling with writer’s block? Perhaps you’re halfway through writing your book and have lost momentum? Imagine you had 2 full days to focus on what makes your heart sing. Imagine how you'd feel if you dedicated the time to immerse yourself in your creativity and awaken that book inside you. From the time you arrive, to the time you leave, you will be cocooned and undisturbed, allowing you the freedom to tap into the flow of your own creativity. The Conscious Dreams Publishing Writers' Weekend is a powerful retreat hosted by award-winning publisher and entrepreneur, bestselling author and Book Journey Mentor, Danni Blechner and is designed to help you cross that finish line with confidence and passion. Nestled in the midst of magical woodland surroundings, this weekend will allow you to get away from the busy distractions of life and help you get in your creative flow. The weekend will also include a powerful 2-hour Transformational Breath session led by Holistic Health Coach, Francesca Blechner, to get you into a relaxed state and into your creative flow. Visit www.consciousdreamspublishing.com/writers-weekend and book your space. This weekend is a powerful weekend is for both fiction and nonfiction writers who want to create an impact in the world. This workshop is hosted by award-winning entrepreneur, author, Book Journey Mentor and founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing Daniella Blechner and Holistic Health Coach, Francesca Blechner experts in their field who are both passionate about helping people reach their absolute potential. In this two-day workshop, you will: ➡️Learn how to structure your book and develop your unique voice ➡️Create a clear vision for your book and create your own vision board ➡️Understand the different routes to publishing (self-publishing, hybrid publishing and traditional publishing) ➡️Learn how to create ‘agent ready’ submission packs ➡️Release self-doubt using EFT (Emotional Freedom Tapping) Set powerful intentions and goals for your book Embody the author within and clear limiting beliefs through powerful breathwork. Spaces are limited. Find out more and reserve your place here http://consciousdreamspublishing.com/writers-weekend/

Posted by fran at 2023-02-01 18:46:35 UTC