Join Mays Al-Ali BYE BYE IBS - 4 STEPS TO BANISH THAT BLOAT FREE 60 min webinar WEDNESDAY 15TH FEBRUARY 1PM GMT THIS WEBINAR IS FOR YOU IF: X You struggle with bloating, stomach cramps & irreqular bowel movements X You have stubborn weight gain you cant shift X Your hormones are all over the place & your PMS is out of control X You're constantly having skin outbreaks or random rashes X You suffer from heartburn/reflux X You feel your immune system is weak & you catch every virus X You get regular brain fog and/or poor memory X You suffer from anxiety, low mood & insomnia With specific info on: What IBS exactly is and what causes it What gut microbiota are and how they affect your gut How to balance your gut microbiome and reverse IBS

Posted by Mamma Wellbeing at 2023-02-03 13:12:26 UTC