@Melanie Atkinson's MAGIC MINERALS COURSE is BACK!!! 6 Week Group Coaching Program including Hair Mineral Analysis Test and Expert Guest Speakers. Date: 21st March - 25th April 2023 Price: £360 (EARLY BIRD PROMO until the 1st of MARCH) Believe it or not MINERALS hold the key! Whatever symptoms you’re experiencing you will see it on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. In the past two years I have become in awe of this test for the level of detail it can give. It has revolutionized my Naturopathic Nutrition practice and the results I get with my clients. Through this group coaching program I will educate you on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, how to interpret the results, what your results mean and how to change your life, vitality and health through mineral balancing. The group will support each other on their mineral balancing journey and each week there will be a time for questions or queries. You will also receive a half an hour private session with me to go over your HTMA results so you get a tailored plan. I’ll also be bring on board some amazing experts in Herbalism and Women’s Hormonal/Cycle Health to support us.

Posted by Mamma Wellbeing at 2023-02-09 12:51:54 UTC