MEET YOURSELF - Shamanic Kundalini Yoga and Healing Arts Retreat Price: €2,022 - €2,222 Location: Ribatejo Valley, Portugal Date: May 30 - June 3, 2023 There is somehow such a beautiful grace that exists when we actually meet ourselves, when we allow ourselves the deep soul adventure of connecting to the self within the self …. when we connect to the soul. That’s where the magic really is! And with this weave of shamanic kundalini yoga, sound, breathwork and yoga nidra and the deep release into nature that is what the invitation is here. Its not always comfortable but its most definitely always worth it to release what is blocked, to let go of what is trapped, to surrender and to gift ourselves back to ourselves. Being here will be a healing experience in itself and then delving into this deep soul exploration will allow us to an discover an opening which will invite us to become more immersed in the connection to YOURSELF, YOUR HEALING and meeting yourself HERE, exactly where you are and WELCOMING YOURSELF BACK TO YOURSELF.

Posted by Mamma Wellbeing at 2023-02-16 11:20:53 UTC