Hello loves. We are calling the last souls to the Temple. A 5-day immersion into the Temple Arts, tantric ritual and somatic & shamanic practices. http://www.theshantispace.com/temple THE TEMPLE IMMERSION  9-13 March The Shanti Space, Portugal This is a journey to take you deep within your body. To soften the places where you might be holding yourself back from the natural expression of your sensuality, creativity and authentic voice.  To peel away the layers of shame and guilt, to gently open the body - creating space so Eros can move through you.  To connect with Eros as Life force. The pulse, the buzzing current that’s beneath everything. Pure aliveness. Every night we open the doors to the Temple. You are invited to enter a space of devotion and of worship. Where the prayer sings through your body. Where your eroticism is sacred. To take off the masks and limiting beliefs and to reconnect with the wisdom of your body. What stories are you willing to shed so your soul can freely express itself in this world..?  If you hear the call of the Temple, drop me a message. We have 8 spots left. 🏛️💦💋

Posted by Luzi Pods at 2023-02-22 21:58:00 UTC