Hi beautiful community, Love to share with you my upcoming in person workshop EMBODIED WISDOM THROUGH THE BREATH on Saturday, 8th July, 11am-1.45pm @cucumber_fields in a beautiful yurt surrounded by countryside. Come join me for this transformational workshop. We live in a world that moves at a fast pace full of distraction and noise that can make listening to your heart, body and energy challenging. This workshop is to empower you to connect and embody the wisdom that is inherently within YOU. Connect to your intuition and unwavering power 💥 ⚡️ Feel more grounded and in your body ⚡️ Release and activate diaphragm, psoas, jaw ⚡️ Experience transformational breathwork to integrate emotions ⚡️ Walk away with practical tools to use daily ⚡️ Deepen your mind-body connection ⚡️ Journalling and self-inquiry More details and booking link here https://mind-bodyalchemist.thrivecart.com/embodied-wisdom-through-the-breath/ Spaces limited.

Posted by fran at 2023-06-07 18:35:59 UTC