Hello beautiful community, I’m offering an in person workshop in Wandsworth this Saturday 10th June 5-7pm. IMMERSION INTO BREATHFLOW - BREATH TO AWAKEN THE MAIDEN ARCHETYPE ✨ The Maiden archetype beckons you to discover the depths of your being and awaken your true essence. Living with an open heart, brimming with trust and joy, is at the core of this transformative journey. 💖

During this workshop, we will embark on a profound exploration of our bodies, honoring the innocence of our sensuality and embracing our wholeness. We will reconnect with our playful and creative spirit, trusting that an open heart will invite more joy and love into our lives. 🌺🌟

Integrative Breathflow® is a holistic healing method that utilizes the power of breath to liberate our heart area, express our authentic voice, and awaken our pelvic sensations. This practice combines anatomically informed breathing exercises with shamanic dreamtime journeys, allowing participants to root themselves fully into their bodies and experience deep intuitive shifts. It acts as a beautiful complement to pranayama and breathwork exercises, inviting you to explore a different breathing approach that embodies the feminine, the slow, and the sensual. 🌬️💫

Our focus during this workshop will be on connecting with the heart, voice, and pelvis, engaging in carefully curated breath practices and embarking on a shamanic dream journey. Through these transformative experiences, you will be guided to connect with and embrace the Maiden archetype within you. 🌹

This event is open to all individuals eager to explore and embody the feminine polarity within themselves. It is a safe and inclusive space for anyone seeking personal growth and self-discovery. 🌺💜🦋 Sign up via the link below ✨ https://embodiedalchemy.co.uk/events/breathflow-immersion-maiden-archetype

Posted by julia at 2023-06-07 20:48:14 UTC