Hola community, I'm running a FREE webinar, Wednesday 16th Aug, 7pm BST on 'THE NEW PARADIGM OF HEALTH, quantum tech, Frequency, Vibration & Epigenetics' Your level of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic wellbeing is linked to your bioenergetic field, frequency and vibration. The past 5 months I have been using quantum Tech. It is FAST gaining momentum and is a revolutionary tool to support physical, mental, emotional health, and personal growth. In this talk I'll cover; ✨️ How you can use it to recalibrate and harmonise your bioenergetic field to bring alignment and coherence. ✨️ Personal stories and testimonies ✨️ How you can use it for your own wellbeing ✨️ The role of epigenetics and health ✨️ How you can incorporate it into your business as a Practitioner or coach ✨️ The opportunity to create a new business and income stream REGISTER HERE to attend live a replay will be sent following day https://mind-bodyalchemist.thrivecart.com/the-new-paradigm-of-health/

Posted by fran at 2023-08-13 09:48:14 UTC