Hola community, I have a day retreat coming up... ***DAY RETREAT- AWAKEN YOUR INNER LEADER*** Saturday, 23rd September, 10-5pm A big part of entreneurship and leadershipis EMBODIMENT through SOMATIC practices (ie the felt sense). ️Shift your physiology, shift your life. Clear the emotional, energetic debris holding in the physical body and come into a deeper EMBODIMENT of yourself. Transform how your show up in your leadership, business, relationships and life through somatic body and breathwork. ⚡️ Your body is a library of MEMORIES, information, unprocessed EMOTIONS & TRAUMA that stores in the body, fascia, organs, tissues and nervous system. ⚡️EMOTION is just Energy-in-Motion, unprocessed emotions turns to a stagnation in energy and crystallises in the tissues. ⚡️ This stagnation of energy IMPACTS how your life FLOWS, how you SHOW UP in your LEADERSHIP and in every area of your LIFE. ⚡️ Come join me for my in person 'AWAKEN YOUR INNER LEADER' workshop Saturday 23rd Sept, 10-5pm @ Cucumber Fields. I'll take you through; 💥 Fascial unwinding 💥 Diaphragm and psoas release and activation 💥 Releasing areas in the body connected to the fight/flight response 💥Dissolving crystallisations in the body 💥 2 X Transformational Breathwork sessions to clear out the subconscious mind Embody the wisdom of your body's intelligence. Bring your mind-body back online. Attune your nervous system and move through the world with MAGNETISM and PRESENCE, showing up as a powerful, EMBODIED Leader. When you tune into the wisdom within, you move through the world more EMBODIED in who you are, in your POWER & connected to your intuition and that's a POWERFUL place to lead from. Full Details and booking here https://mind-bodyalchemist.thrivecart.com/awaken-your-inner-leader/ ❤️ Francesca

Posted by fran at 2023-09-05 17:06:06 UTC