Hey loves, I’m hosting an online Women’s Circle tonight for anyone who wants to connect and share what’s on our heart in a community of likeminded women. We’ll also be doing some New Moon manifestation ✨ We’ll meet online today on Tuesday 12th September at 7pm UK time for about 2 hours. There will be plenty of time for sharing & enjoying our time together, forming new connections. I’ll also be guiding you through some embodiment practices & a New Moon Ritual to set our intentions for the new moon cycle ahead. Setting intentions in a group amplifies the energy even more! My intention for this evening is for you to feel nourished & empowered by the sacred Sisterhood we’re co-creating that evening. https://embodiedalchemy.co.uk/events/online-womens-circle

Posted by julia at 2023-09-12 08:21:10 UTC