Untangling Family Trauma: Family Constellations workshop with @HarrietGoudard Date & Time: Saturday 28th Oct 2023, 10am – 6pm UK time Venue: London Shambhala Meditation Centre, Belmont Close, London, UK Have you experienced a trauma in your life? Do you have an issue you are ready to let go of? Are you looking to free yourself from ancestral entanglements? Perhaps you have a psychedelic experience to integrate? Family Systemic Constellations are a powerful way to somatically experience our independency upon and entanglements with our personal histories, places of birth, members of our family, as well as distant ancestry and wider tapestry of Life. In seeing, for example, that our own family members have their own imprints, histories and crosses to bear, we can cultivate more understanding in our own lives for how much capacity they have or had to pass on life- and love- force to us. All in, we cultivate a deep gratitude for the lifeforce that is available to us - no matter what. This work goes beneath the Human Story and unlocks much latent - and very grounded - personal power. It is a powerful modality that both crafts presence and acceptance - and lifts sights and invests energy in what is beyond the looping patterns, unconscious reactions and sense of isolation that is so commonly found in our society. This is for you if you wish to… Embody the STRENGTH that lies in your own VULNERABILITY… Gently open to RESOURCE & RECEIVE, so that you can go deeper into your own shadow exploration - WITHOUT BLOWING OUT YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM… Experience REAL GROUNDEDNESS & realise your connection to PRESENCE, ABUNDANCE & GOD like ever before… Seamlessly & ORGANICALLY integrate & embody more through EVERY CELL of the body… Disentangle yourself from generational trauma & RECLAIM YOUR OWN DIVINE PATH… LIBERATE precious lifeforce energy for you & your progeny… OPEN to the deeper conversation with Nature and all of her creatures... What happens during Family Systems Constellation therapy? In this workshop you will meet with a group of strangers, and each person has a chance to be the main point of focus of their own family constellation. A facilitator selects others from the group to represent significant family members, and you all work together by role-playing characters and acting out familiar family dynamics. You do not need to have an obvious issue with your family to benefit from this work. It can simply be approached with a physical symptom, a concern for a child, a repeating emotional response to something or someone, the reappearance of the energetics of a family member, or the reappearance of the energetics of anything that you previously considered healed. Family Systemic Constellations complement other therapies beautifully and can bring to light the core or root of what is, and there are many examples reported where the well-being of individuals and/or the whole dynamic in a family or company starts to change following such work.

Posted by Mamma Wellbeing at 2023-10-10 15:00:01 UTC