***FEMININE EMBODIMENT RETREAT*** 19-22nd April, Devon I'm excited to announce this amazing, luxurious 3 night retreat I am hosting with Yasmin Ibrahim. A powerful and transformative journey of deep healing of the wounded feminine. Acknowledging past wounds, nurturing self-love, and embracing your innate strengths.  A luxurious retreat overlooking the Yarty Valley in Devon where we will hold space for your emergence into feminine embodiment. Are you ready to feel completely in your feminine, even when you get the call to lead? Let go of hustle, push, achieve and allow yourself to be held, unfold, soften and embody the true essence of feminine energy. We gave an incredible schedule lined up with somatic body and breathwork to dearmour the heart, embodiment practices, energy readings, womb regression, healing the inner child and teen. All details and bokking link and £222 OFF Early Bird til end of Jan. Use Code 222OFF or EARLYBIRD. Payment plans available. https://yasminibrahim.ac-page.com/feminine-embodiment-fran

Posted by fran at 2024-01-17 13:31:13 UTC